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  1. NenrikiKaen May 13, 2011

    My Newest Work: Butter

    merged: 04-15-2012 ~ 11:00pm
    My Latest Wall: Privacy

    merged: 05-06-2012 ~ 08:44pm
    My latest wallpaper: Lost and found

    merged: 05-08-2012 ~ 12:25pm
    Dream girl

  2. symphonyofthewind Apr 09, 2011

    Quote by HorseradishMy Latest Vector-Wall: Breakaway

    i loveeeeeeeeeee pic

  3. Yoko-Litner Dec 14, 2010

    merged: 02-22-2011 ~ 07:12am
    My Latest Wallpaper: H.O.T.D Legacy

    My Latest Vector: Into The Sunset

    My Latest Vector: Lady Yukio MT Version

  4. Horseradish Dec 05, 2010

    My Latest Vector-Wall: Breakaway

  5. LystikinenaXP Nov 15, 2010

    Newest wallpaper:


  6. Horseradish Oct 19, 2010

    My Latest Vector-Wall: Free Your Mind

  7. Sakura-K Oct 18, 2010

    My Latest Submission: [I'm fading...]

  8. Horseradish Oct 17, 2010

    My First-EVER and Latest COLORFUL-Wall: Kaleidoscope World

  9. MizuuHime Oct 15, 2010

    Latest wallpaper:

  10. asriel-kokomi Oct 10, 2010

    My first post in here ^^ Yoroshiku ne...

    Fans Art of Touhou - Yakumo Yukari

  11. MizuuHime Sep 17, 2010

    New original art:
    Peaceful Morning

    merged: 09-26-2010 ~ 03:27am
    New artwork:

    merged: 10-01-2010 ~ 07:09am
    New Wallpaper:
    I hope you like it!

  12. Yoko-Litner Sep 05, 2010

    My Most Colorful Wallpaper Ever: Stalkers Much!?

  13. MizuuHime Sep 01, 2010

    My latest fanart:

  14. Scarven Aug 31, 2010

    Lastest wallie:

  15. Yoko-Litner Aug 30, 2010

    My Latest Wallpaper: The Spirit of Vigilance

  16. MizuuHime Aug 10, 2010

    My latest wall:

  17. CuteSherry Jul 03, 2010

    A Chemistry like Apple and Cinnamon

  18. xianghua May 23, 2010

    My Latest Work:
    Eternal Summer

  19. MizuuHime May 20, 2010

    My new doujinshi:
    Sweetest Smile on Christmas
    Hope you all like it!

  20. Yoko-Litner May 17, 2010

    My Latest Maiden:

    Mio Sprite

  21. MizuuHime May 14, 2010

    Latest wallpaper XD :
    Hope you all like it ^___^

  22. ArtificialRaindrop Apr 23, 2010

    Here's my latest wallpaper :)

  23. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Feb 16, 2010

    *Pops in*

    Hello all!

    I'm just dropping by to let you all know that I am planning a competition.


    It's either 16 or 24 people, and it's a sudden death knock out competition. The details are still underway, but most of it is pretty much decided. I'm hoping to launch this competition latest mid-March, but to do so, I need to get a fair idea of the numbers of people who want to join in.

    The winner receives a copy of Kunie Kanbara's latest artbook, ECHO in the mail.
    If you scan the entire artbook and submit to the Minitokyo, you will receive a lot of credits. Not to mention, you can wall the scans, too :)

    If you know anyone who would like to join, please let them know (I'll love you for it!) - or if you're interested in judging, please PM me, as I have 3 more judging slots open. Thanks!

    PS: The competition is open to all members of Minitokyo, regardless of which groups you participate in regularly.

  24. MizuuHime Feb 15, 2010

    My new wallpaper of Shugo-Chara:
    Angel Cradle
    Hope you like it ^_^

    PS: Kyaaah! Ganbatte Rain-san! I know you will do the best for the group's page! And new wallpaper from you.... I will take a look later ^___^ (cause I'm in hurry now....) And unfortunately, I don't know how to add background image in the group's page.... T_____T

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